We are rapidly expanding and seeking highly capable people for a variety of positions. We are a unique type of research firm, and seek candidates with a variety of skills and strengths.

Data Analyst

At Pell Research, data analysis is the heart of what we do. If you have a background in applied mathematics, statistics, data mining, or database programming, we would like to speak. Positions at multiple experience levels.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

We seek experienced researchers with backgrounds in competitive intelligence. If you have experience with the Intelligence Community, please note security clearance. Positions at multiple experience levels.

Subject Matter Expert

Since we cover over 1,400 industries, many require specialized subject matter expertise. We work with experts to provide deep industry knowledge in addition to cross-functional expertise. Positions at multiple experience levels.

Business Development / Sales

Our sales force has a deep understanding of the research needs of consulting firms, PE, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Contractors / Consultants

If you can meet our rigorous standards and complete projects on an ad-hoc basis, we pay competitive rates on a daily/per project basis.

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