Strategic Industry Reports

We are the preeminent research firm focusing on the "non-high-tech" industries. Leading consulting firms, private equity investors, venture capitalists, and corporations rely on our research.

Our research covers over 1,400 industries and provides strategic analysis, market trends, competitive dynamics, and other economic data.
Competitor Analysis

Our research team can develop actionable competitor analyses, allowing you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual companies and opportunity areas in the industry.

The process takes your input to focus on the topics that are most relevant to your business.
Fact-Based Consulting

Businesses face greater complexity and more rapidly-changing landscapes than ever before. In this environment, our consulting services support both management and management consultants understanding the existing competitive environment and market trends.

We leverage our proprietary statistical data and analytical capabilities to provide actionable advice.
Market Research

We provide research and analysis of over 1,400 "low-tech" industries. Our research enables private equity firms and Fortune 1,000 corporations to analyze market trends within the entire industry.

Reports include information on market size, industry growth rates, financial ratios, and competition of both public and private companies in multiple sectors.
Strategic Assessment

Pell Research compiles data from dozens of sources and uses our findings to provide actionable advice to clients.

The strategic assessment report analyzes the business landscape, including top players, market trends, and industry drivers.
Who Uses Our Research?

Some of the nation's largest and most successful companies, including...