Textile Mills Market Research Reports (NAICS 313)

Textile Mills (NAICS 313)
Fiber, Yarn & Thread Mills (NAICS 3131)
Yarn Spinning Mills (NAICS 31311)
Yarn Texturizing, Throwing & Twisting Mills (NAICS 31311)
Thread Mills (NAICS 31311)
Fabric Mills (NAICS 3132)
Broadwoven Fabric Mills (NAICS 31321)
Narrow Fabric Mills & Schiffli Machine Embroidery (NAICS 31322)
Narrow Fabric Mills (NAICS 313221)
Schiffli Machine Embroidery (NAICS 313222)
Nonwoven Fabric Mills (NAICS 31323)
Knit Fabric Mills (NAICS 31324)
Weft Knit Fabric Mills (NAICS 313241)
Textile & Fabric Finishing & Fabric Coating Mills (NAICS 3133)
Textile & Fabric Finishing Mills (NAICS 31331)
Broadwoven Fabric Finishing Mills (NAICS 313311)
Fabric Coating Mills (NAICS 31332)
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