Utilities Market Research Reports (NAICS 22)

Utilities (NAICS 22)
Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution (NAICS 2211)
Electric Power Generation (NAICS 22111)
Hydroelectric Power Generation (NAICS 221111)
Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation (NAICS 221112)
Nuclear Electric Power Generation (NAICS 221113)
Solar Power Generation (NAICS 221114)
Wind Power Generation (NAICS 221115)
Geothermal Power Generation (NAICS 221116)
Biomass Power Generation (NAICS 221117)
Electric Power Transmission, Control & Distribution (NAICS 22112)
Electric Bulk Power Transmission & Control (NAICS 221121)
Electric Power Distribution (NAICS 221122)
Natural Gas Distribution (NAICS 2212)
Water & Sewage Systems (NAICS 2213)
Water Supply & Irrigation Systems (NAICS 22131)
Sewage Treatment (NAICS 22132)
Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply (NAICS 22133)
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